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Nature Trail signTopanga State Park is big – it covers 25 square miles and features 36 miles of trails traversing through open grassland, canyons, live oaks and spectacular views of the Pacific Ocean. In fact, it is known as the largest wildland park within the boundaries of a major city (Los Angeles). The main entrance is at Trippet Ranch, but you can also get to it’s trailheads from three neighborhoods: Encino in the north, Topanga on the west, and Pacific Palisades on the south. Interesting geologic formations can be found in the park, including earthquake faults, marine fossils, volcanic intrusions, and a wide variety of sedimentary formations.

Please be properly prepared and know the risks before going into an unfamiliar wilderness area. Many trails do not have restrooms or drinking water. An excellent map of Topanga State Park and it’s trails is published by Tom Harrison Maps, and it can usually be found at Adventure 16, REI, or the National Park Service bookstore in the Interagency Visitor Center at King Gillette Ranch. It can also be ordered online at, Amazon or also in a pdf version for iphone, iPad or Android at . You might also enjoy the guidebook, Hiking in Topanga State Park, written by the late Milt McAuley.

Please note that dogs are not allowed on the park trails, fire roads, or in the back country.Mountain biking are restricted to fire road.

Topanga State Park recently went through a General Plan review process which included a series of public meetings and opportunity for comment. In September 2012, the State Park and Recreation Commission approved the TSP General Plan and establishment of a 158-acre Cultural Preserve. Links to the Planning Documents which describe in detail the overall long-range direction and vision for the future management and development of Topanga State Park can be found at:

Topanga Canyon entrances
From Trippet Ranch parking lot
Dead Horse/Backbone Trail1.1 easy miles
Eagle Rock Loop6.5 moderate miles round trip
Musch Trail/Backbone Trail2 easy miles
Parker Mesa Overlook8 moderate miles round trip
Santa Ynez Canyon Trail6 miles round trip
From Old Topanga Canyon Road
Hondo Canyon/Backbone Trail3.3 miles
Encino entrances
From Reseda Boulevard
Caballero Canyon Trail1.4 moderate miles
Garapito Canyon Trail3.6 moderate miles
Temescal Peak via Fire Road 306 moderate miles round trip
Pacific Palisades entrances
From Will Rogers State Historic Park
Rivas Canyon Trail to TGP2.1 miles
Rogers Road/Backbone Trail5.3 moderate miles one way
Rustic Canyon Trail4.6 moderate miles round trip
From Temescal Gateway Park
Rivas Canyon Trail to WRSHP2.1 miles
Santa Ynez Falls2.6 easy miles round trip
Temescal Canyon Trail1.5 miles
Temescal Ridge to Skull Rock5.2 moderate miles
From Via Las Palmas & Palisades Drive
Temescal Ridge south to TGP2.6 miles
Temescal Ridge north to Temescal Peak2.9 easy miles
From Vereda de La Montura & Palisades Drive
Santa Ynez Canyon to Trippet Ranch2.2 moderate miles
Santa Ynez Canyon to waterfall1.3 easy miles
Parker Mesa Overlook8 moderate miles round trip
From Paseo Miramar
East Topanga Fire Rd to Parker Mesa2.6 miles
East Topanga Fire Rd to Trippet Ranch4.8 miles
From Los Leones Drive
Los Liones Canyon to E Topanga FR2.6 moderate miles round trip


Musch Meadow Trail

Musch Meadow Trail